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T12 A Stately House Door

T12 solid front door
T12 A Door
T12 door wooden
T12 A Door
T12 A Door
solid wood door_t12
wood door
The T12-A is a replica of the classic 19th century stately house door. The door is simple but tasteful in its design. The flat pyramids on the panels are characteristic decorative elements of that era and give the door a slight sense of depth. Also the two hand-forged decorative grids add to the positive overall appearance.

Key data:

Solid wood front door, solid pine, single-leaf with 2 glass insets, incl. door frame up to 10cm, insulation glass window, interior insulation, double seam, circumferential seal, decorated wrought iron grid, stop rail, one-sided decorative batten, hand-forged hinges and handle sets, impregnated and glazed surface.