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T19 front door

T19 front door
wood front door
front door T19
 The classic 4-panel door, also known as cross door, is one of the best types of wooden interior door design in terms of functionality, which is why it is quite common nowadays. One of the earliest mentions of this type of door was on an Etruscan vase about 600 BC, but also the Romans used this type of door structure. In this region this door became very widespread during the early Renaissance and has been popular choice of room door up to this very day. Our T19 model is a rural baroque version of the cross door and has round milled edges around the panels as well as classic baroque-style swan neck hinges (other hinges can however be chosen freely from our range of products). 
Key data:

Solid wood front door, solid pine, incl. door frame up to 10cm, interior insulation, double seam, circumferential seal, stop rail, hand-forged hinges, door knob and handle sets, impregnated and glazed surface.