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T7 Wilhelminian-style door

T7 house door
T7 door
Wilhelminian-style door
solid pine door
solid wooden door
door solid pine
solid wooden door
The T7 front door is an elaborately decorated door in the style of the Wilhelminian era and is a replica of a door that was made in the mid-19th century in Gdansk. In addition to the elaborate battens and decorative elements on the outer leaf, it is especially the sun symbol above the window that distinguishes this window. Also the beautifully crafted wrought iron grid gives the door an ambience of dignity. This door is a unique gem that would fit in any type of house.

Key data:

Solid pine, incl. door frame up to 10cm, insulation glass window, interior insulation, double seam, circumferential seal, decorated wrought iron grid, stop rail, one-sided decorative batten, hinges and handle set, impregnated and glazed surface.