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haustüre Holz Massivholz Kiefertür
Holz Wandverkleidung Beschläge Gitter Kieferholztüren

Arcade court in Burgenland

haustüre Holz Massivholz Kiefertür
Holz Wandverkleidung Beschläge Gitter Kieferholztüren

Country house in Burgenland

Haustüren Fenster und Möbel aus Holz Innentüren Holztüren Fenster Holz Massivholz Kiefertür
Holz Wandverkleidung Beschläge Gitter Kieferholztüren Holzmöbel Massivholz Kiefer

Apartment house on the Canary Islands

Wooden front doors, interior doors and terrace doors. In addition to T21 models (Tuscan-style door), T43 models (replica of antique solid wood front door) and T33 models (Mediterranean-style terrace door) you will find several custom-made furniture replicas as well as original furniture and a lot of hand-forged ironwork.


 Innentüren Holz massiv  Innentüren Holztüren klassisch  Beschläge Holz Massivholztüren
 Holzmöbel Holz Massivholz  Kieferholztür Innentür Holz  Kieferholz Türen Fenster

Hotel in South Tyrol

A tastefully decorated hotel room interior that was used as a template for the T15 interior door model (replica of a classic baroque door). In addition to a custom bed frame we also built a suitable wardrobe, cloak rack, desk, coffee table and some bedside tables, all made of reclaimed wood.

 Holzfenster Massivholz  Fenster Holzmöbel Beschläge  antike Holzfenster Holztüren
 massive Holztüren klassisch  Holzmöbel Innentüren  Haustüren Holzhaustüren

Villa in Lower Austria

A classy villa west of Vienna. Apart from the unique T1 front door (decorated with 18th century sun, rain and flower ornaments) we used T19 interior doors (classic 4-panel door with hand-forged hinges and handles), T14 (rustic replica of a medieval door to be used as wine cellar door), T1HG16 (door with 16 glass segments) and the T30 model (replica of a 19th century 5-panel interior door) to create a beautiful overall ambiance in combination with the already existing furniture.

 Massive Holzfenster Haustüren  Haustür Innentür Fenster  Möbel aus Holz
 Holzhaustür Holzinnentür  Holz Gitter Beschläge  Holztüren Griffe

Country house in Ireland

T37 and T19 solid wood interior doors with hand-forged hinges, fittings and box locks used in combination with the F5 window model in variations with and without fanlight and glass insets.

 Holztüren Innentüren  Holz Türen Holzfenster  Massivholzfenster Beschläge
 Holzinnentür massives Holz  Holzhaustüren klassische Holztüren und Fenster  

Villa near Munich

Single and dual leafed edition of T4 sold wood door with windows and made of solid oak.

 Holz Außentür Eingangstür  Massivholzeingangstür Holztür Eingangstüren  Aussentüren Holztüren zweiflügelig
 Eingangstüren Holztüren Innentüren  klassische Massivholztüren antik  

Villa in Hamburg

T43 solid wood front door (replica of an old fortress door), as well as the T12a and T2b 19th century stately house front doors with hand-forged fittings and handle sets. Custom-built dual-leaf garage door painted in white.

  Holz Kiefer Haustür Portal   Kiefereingangstür Holztür  

Detached house in Hohenscheftlarn

T4 front portal door (replica of a 19th century country house door with wrought iron grid) with side elements and segmental arch, window that can be opened.

 Holzhaustür Kiefer Eingangstür  Kiefertür Holzinnentüren  Kiefereingangstür Außentür Innentür Holz
 Holztür Innentüren Kiefer massiv  Massivholz Wandverkleidungen Möbel  hölzerne Möbel Holztüren Massivholz

Country house in Lower Austria

Double windows, window and terrace portal doors, interior doors T20 (replica of an old bar door), T21 (Tuscan-style interior door), T14 (replica of a rustic medieval door) and T1HG16 (dual-leaf glass door), custom-built T4 front door, T43 and T6 dual-leaf doors.

 Holztüren Holz Holzdeckenverkleidungen  Holzfenster Massivholzfenster Kastenfenster  Türen Holztüren Glasstüren aus Kieferholz
 Massivholzmöbel Holztüren Innenverkleidungen  Massives Holz Türen Fenster  Kastenfenster Holzfenster Holzmöbel

Country house in the Wechsel area

F1, F2 windows with interior shutters and T33 terrace doors. T19 interior door and T43 front door made of solid pine.

 Kiefer Holzfenster Terrassentüren  Holzfenster Holztüren Naturholztüren  Holz Massivholzfenster Massivholzterrassentüren
 Holzschiebetüren Beschläge Gitter  Kieferholz Türen Holztüren  Massivholz Fenster Türen

Villa in Perchtoldsdorf, Lower Austria

Double windows and external doors made of solid oiled larch, fitted with milled high-grade steel brackets and other high-grade steel elements

 Holzmöbel Holzwandverkleidung Massivholz  Holzfenster Terrassentür  Innentüren Terrassentüren Kieferholz
 Holz Geheimtür Innentür  Holztüren zweiflügelig  Holztüren einflügelig

Old mill in Goldgeben, Lower Austria

Winter garden elements in green-white, partially painted external doors and windows made of pine fitted with a wrought iron grid. Solid pine interior doors, waxed surface with hand-forged fittings. Sold pine wall coverings with waxed surface.

 Holzfenster Massivholzfenster  Holz Innenläden Holzfenster  Landfenster Holzfenster Massivholz
 Landmöbel Holzmöbel ländlich  ländliche Holztüren Beschläge  Massivholz Landhausmöbel Holzmöbel

„Mostheuriger’ in St.Georgen, Upper Austria

Double windows with shutters, T33 terrace doors, wooden T12 front doors and T12B front portal door. Waxed T1H and T19 interior doors and several pieces of furniture. /

 Holzinnentür Beschläge  Holzinnentüren Bänder Türen  Außentüren Holztür Massivholz
 Türbänder Holztüren  Türbeschläge Holz Türen  Eingangstür Holz

Villa in Lower Bavaria

T4 front door with side elements, waxed white T38 interior doors with hand-forged fittings, sliding doors, wrought iron elements.

 Holz Innentüren  hölzerne Türen Massivholz  Holztüren massives Holz

Apartment Michaelerplatz, 1010 Vienna

Special edition interior doors, solid pine wood, painted in white, with and without glass elements, wall embrasure coverings.

 Holz Kiefer massiv  Landhaus Möbel Holztüren  Landtüren Holz massiv
 Holz Möbel Beschläge  Türen Fenster aus Holz  Wandverkleidungen Massivholz

Blockhouse in Ramsau, Lower Austria

T6 front door, large glass elements, double windows and terrace doors, glazed pine, with hand-forged fittings, interior door model T19

 Massivholztüren Innentüren  Türen Holz Kiefer  

Tuscan-style villa in Klosterneuburg, Lower Austria

T21 solid pine interior door, waxed surface fitted with hand-forged hinges, T8 front door, outside shutters with hand-forged fittings.

 Außentür Holz  Holzinnentüren Beschläge Bänder  Innentüren Türstöcke Massivholz

Villa in Gießhübel, Lower Austria

T7 solid pine front portal door, glazed with decorative glass, solid pine interior doors, waxed surface, T19, T34, T14

 Landhaus Holzmöbel  Landhaustür Innentür Holz  Holzwandverkleidung Massivholz

Farmhouse in Au-Hallertau, Upper Bavaria

T21 door made of reclaimed wood, waxed and fitted with hand-forged hinges. Farmhouse-style wall and ceiling coverings.

 Holzhaustüren Holztüren  Eingangstür Massivholz  Türbänder Türbeschläge Holzfenster
 Holzterrassentür Fenster  Türen Fenster aus Holz  

Horse-riding centre in Altlengback, Lower Austria

Lovingly renovated farm close to Altlengbach, Lower Austria. Solid wood terrace door, partly fitted with interior and exterior shutters. Straight T14 interior door, T20 and T11, T4 pine front door waxed and with 2 additional glass elements. Riding stable-style pine terrace door, waxed with exterior shutters

 Landhaustüren Kieferholz  Fenster Holz Türen   Landhaus Türen Holztüren
  Holzfenster Massivholztüren  Holz Schiebetüren  Holzfenster Kastenfenster

Country house in Upper Austria

Tuscan-style villa with windows, terrace doors, with shutters with movable blades, T43 front door, T14 interior door and special models, various work with wrought iron.