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entrance doors, interior doors and windows with installment payment!
Despite our low prices we offer our customers convenient partial payment. If interested, please contact us via phone or e-mail:

DE: +49/8752/7966
AT:  + 43/1/990 78 09

historic doors in Venice - from now on you tube

We want to offer you a collection of historic doors from different cities or countries.
Under VIDEO/rusticatio/Venice we may present our first video - "historic doors in Venice" on You Tube.

We hope you enjoy!


OPENING: historical doors Museum

Visit our newly opened doors Museum, where we show current models of historic front doors, interior doors and windows made of wood from around the world.
Get new ideas for designing your own door - we can rebuild it to your own specifications.
Or just look over if you want to see through which door, for example, Joseph Haydn or Giacomo Puccini have gone.

visit: historical doors museum


Your front-door with a window to open...

... you can lift comfortably without open the door - this allows dirt reduction, and it can be also very useful tha infants or pets cannot run out!

In earlier times windows to open have been installed in almost all wooden doors. If someone had knocked on the door the door had not been opened - the door served as a protection.
We have taken this trend and offer the option of front doors with opening windows and tilt and turn function.




 Protect your possessions against unauthorized access!

A safe aroused curiosity, and shows clearly that you want to hide something valuable.
Secret doors can solve this problem - they are a safe way to secure valuable things.

Visit our product page, where a few examples are cited! There are no limits to your personal secret door!

We adjust the doors so that they would not be identified as a secret door - with or without additional locks.

... to our secret shelf door

All our doors are also available as 2-leaf doors with additional side panels and skylights made to your own specifications!

to the portals...




Design your individual hand-forged grid!

We forge the grid for your front door, inner door or window, in your personalized proposal.
One of our customers, for examples, has designed for its pool door a hand-forged grid in fish samples:



New in our sales area


In our sales area, we offer continuously extended special models at bargain prices.

We look forward to your visit to our sales area



Delivery of our doors also international!

We also deliver our doors to other countries. If you are interested, we will send you our terms of delivery.

puccini tür

Puccinis door!
We are reproducing the door of Puccini's house in Torre del Lago in Italy. Of course the door meets modern standards in safety and thermal insulation. If you are interested in this door please contact us and we can send you an offer.

Sale – special discount on individual items

We are currently offering a special discount on a large amount of front doors and windows that we have in store. If you are interested, we invite you to come and visit us in one of our showrooms in Southern Germany of Vienna or send us your requests and inquiries.